Friday, January 30, 2009

25 random things

OK, girls, I'll play along - here are 25 random things about me.

1. I can't get enough of my family. I didn't have one growing up, so I have to try really hard not to bug them to death.
2. I'm wishy-washy when it comes to my boyfriend. I know he isn't good for my self-esteem, but it's like I'm addicted to him.
3. After my parents' multiple marriages, I have 19 "siblings" that I am likely to refer to as a brother or sister, but I doubt if they see me the same way - that whole lack of family thing, I guess.
4. I hate clutter, but somehow it seems to take over my life.
5. The inside of my car is constantly full of paper of some sort - usually work related. No matter how many times I clean it out, it just stacks up again.
6. I'm addicted to Diet Pepsi. I've tried numerous times to quit, but it's my only vice, except for boyfriend mentioned above.
7. I cry. Almost every day.
8. I'm so shy, or perhaps intimidated, that I can't hold conversations with people. If someone tries to engage me in conversation, I find the nearest distraction so that I can get away.
9. I'm lonely. Probably because of the above.
10. I own too many pairs of black shoes. I need some color!
11. I've lost 50 pounds in the last year and I want to lose 20 more. It's a struggle to keep it off, but I seem to be holding steady, so that last 20 pounds is probably here to stay.
12. I wish I had a better connection to my kids.
13. I take my grandkids on a 'date' every Saturday morning. We love our breakfast at Birch Tree!
14. I don't read books. I devour them. Sometimes 2 a week, but at least 1.
15. I've lived in 8 states, some of them more than once. I have a track record of moving an average of once a year. I've been in Anchorage for 3 years, but I'm in my 4th location. I don't know why.
16. I can't stand heat. Over 75 degrees? Forget it!
17. I want to go to Mexico in May, but I'm afraid to go alone.
18. I procrastinate about everything.
19. Like my daughter, spiders totally freak me out.
20. Sometimes when I walk by people, I think I know what they're feeling. Even strangers. I was once told that I'm probably an 'empath'.
21. I've never had a best friend.
22. I started drinking coffee and lattes in the last couple of months, and now I can't quit.
23. I eat more peanut butter and drink more milk than probably a family of 4.
24. If I had the money, I would never stop traveling - with frequent visits to family, of course. I can't be happy if I don't have a trip planned out in my head, but I prefer a ticket in my pocket.
25. I finally learned to use chopsticks on Monday.

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