Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grandma - again!

Sadly, my daughter has returned to OK, but the happy news is that she had an ultrasound today that confirmed she's 5 weeks along. YaY! It looks like I'll be planning a trip to OK in the fall. Thank goodness the humidity will be gone by then.

My favorite niece has announced her wedding date as August 22, which means I'll be headed to Oregon for that. It's less expensive to fly into Seattle so I'll fly in and get a car from there. I haven't been back to Washington or Oregon for almost 10 years, so I look forward to the time there. It will be a great road trip.

I had been hoping for a tropical vacation in May, but with these 2 trips looming, and only 2 weeks of vacation time available, I may have to put it off. It remains to be seen.

I finally made the smart decision and dumped the boyfriend, but he's calling and being SO sweet. He'll be in town this weekend, and I know it will upset a lot of people, but I'll probably spend some time with him. It was easy to ignore him when my daughter was in town, but I'm not so steadfast when I'm on my own. Don't worry, R & R, I haven't forgotten his latest escapade. This doesn't mean I'm taking him back. It just means I'm not good at saying no to spending time with him when he's standing right in front of me. This is his last trip into town for probably 3 or 4 months, so it will be easy to cut communication once he's gone again. He called and told me that he bought something for me for V day (which I don't celebrate). He says it's something that 100% reminds him of me, so I'm really curious to see what that may be.

For now I've got to get busy. I didn't clean house the entire time my daughter was here, so I have a lot to get done. Maybe some day something will happen in my life that's actually worth writing about.