Sunday, February 1, 2009

Volcanic explosion!!!

Um, no. The volcano hasn't exploded. You lower - 48ers are freaking out WAY more than we are. Calm down! We're safe. We're far enough away that we won't be swept into the sea by any resulting lava flow. We may see an ash cloud, but just so you know, I survived the 1980 blast from Mt. St. Helen's in SW Washington. I was living in Portland, OR at the time. Ash has a way of entering your home from the smallest of cracks. I came home everyday and had to clean the ash off of all of my kitchen surfaces, but there were no other repercussions.

At this point, if that volcano doesn't blow, we'll be very disappointed that it's been so much more trouble than it was worth. Blow, Redoubt, Blow!! (I'm not serious, OK?)

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